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There are three things I hate more than anything. Being in the spotlight. Cleaning my house for company. Trying to make people comfortable with each other. All three of these things make me obsessive.

Tomorrow there will be a baby shower for me in my home. There will be older people mingling with my younger people. We have a line drawn here, if you can’t see it. It’s a co-ed shower (my grandma is bringing a date, I’m in the twilight zone.) so I feel the need to entertain the men outside with beer or booze. The older set are not going to feel the love for that, so what to do? I have an intense need to please everyone. My hostess does not get along with our best guy friend’s girlfriend. Someone SHOOT ME now! Best part? Most of my grandma’s friends are really only interested in seeing our new house if they were honest. We moved in October but I don’t understand how housewarmings work, (see social-freak).

That brings us to the spotlight. My family is the worst about putting me on the spot. They want me to parade around like I’m not an anti-social freak. First things first, I’m an anti-social freak, folks. Plain and simple, that’s me in a nutshell. I am shy, ackward, and just plain weird. To know me is to love me, or hate me, probably both.

So yeah, all three things on my list of hated things are happening at once. Tomorrow.

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