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Oh how I love this time of the year. I am counting the days until I have a summer unfettered by schedules and drop off/pick up lines. I can sleep late, stay up late, indulge in  teenage behavior until my heart is content. Bliss.

This year is no different but the added relief of fewer trips to the gas pump has me down right giddy! Honestly, it might be cheaper to rent a house in that district instead of paying for all the gas, but we have a perfectly good home here…

But, who cares? It’s all out the window for now. I get to harass kids all summer long while resorting to my night owlish ways. Giddy!

I have added a yearly tradition to my schedule. I have been to pick strawberries twice this year and I plan to make it a habit. They are so much better than anything you can get at the grocery. Hands down a million times better. E has eaten so many that I think she’ll turn red any moment. I know for a fact that she’s eat an entire quart herself since Thursday. She’s still pretty tiny! I knew when our little plants were only producing a ripe berry every few days that I would have to do something. She would check them and say, “Meme, can I have that straawbwery?” hardly waiting until I washed it. The darn critters are beating her to her little treats, they like them very much, too.

Happy spring’s end to one and all, I plan to usher in the summer sleeping in, swimming, and otherwise enjoying our little domestication type situation. As aggravating  as kids are, they are so much fun to have around. I’m one of those parents who really does hate to see summer come to a close. I miss my little minion, they should be here doing my biding, no one else’s. TYVM.

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Bzzz for Scrapbooking…

So last year sometime I thought I’d be fun to sign up to be a Bzz Agent. It’s been interesting and I’ve been introduced to some cool new products and a dud or two. Right now, I’m going to participate in the Elmer’s Craftbond and X-ACTO campaign. I’ll post my opinions later but here’s a nice little graphic for their product line.

Cute. Orange and Pink, I likey.

Excited to start a new project, I’ll be sure to take pictures and post them when I’m done.

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So, it’s been a long while since I updated. Such is my life. Things have certainly happened but I’ve been too ‘busy’ to blog about them. And by busy I mean I’ve been too ADD riddled to focus on anything more than a few nanoseconds.

We had some storm damage  over the weekend of the 12-14th. Both of our gorgeous bradford pear trees bit the dust. Right in the front yard, too. They were shading my little garden from the worst of the afternoon sun, too. Ugh. James got them all cut up and piled on the curb, doesn’t look like the city is going to pick them up though. We thought they might since all the neighbors were putting theirs out. Next few days probably mean we’ll be taking it to the landfill so they can make mulch out of it.

The garden is still looking good. I have a few ripe yellow tomatoes. They are yummy, though not as sweet as I thought they would be. Pretty little things though. I can’t wait to have enough to make a salad with! I also have a nice bell pepper. It’s growing quite well and I expect it to start turning orange any day now. The lettuce and arugula looks good, I suppose. I’m not exactly sure what it’s suppose to look like, in truth, or when to pick it for that matter. The biggest grower? The beans, wow, those guys have shot up and look so pretty in the flower beds. Good choice. Although the ants and ?aphids? love them. Oh, and I almost forgot my herbs. They are so tasty! We’ve been having dishes with fresh basil and dill almost nightly!  I’m waiting on a big harvest to make some fresh, homemade pesto.

The baby turned a year old last week. She also has started to walk as much as she can possibly make her little legs take her. She loves to practice. She’s hilarious toddling around like a little speed demon. Her real obstacle is that she wants to run instead of walk, it trips her up. You just want to eat her up all the time! The kids can’t leave her alone for more than five minutes at a time, I swear. She must think she’s some sort of side show!

Her birthday party was Saturday the 20th. She had it at the park. Lovely, new little park in my hometown. The kids all loved it, even though the heat was a bit overwhelming. The first really hot day of the year. She got lots of sweet goodies from us and the family/friends that were there. Her cake was a Wall-E cupcake cake in the shape of a ‘1’. They did an ok job, it certainly could have been better. I’m not even sure if I got a decent shot of the cake, I’ll have to see if S did on her Nana’s camera. It was interesting, ha, to say the least. But, I got EVVVA on the cake anyway, that’s all that mattered to me. Sweet Eva!

We went to Silver Dollar City and White Water this past weekend. The kids had a great time, though it was hot. Our good friends the Basta’s went along with us, including sister Britney and cousin Gracie! We rode lots of rides, including the Powder Keg (which I rode myself, along with James, Britney and Cobe!) The kids enjoyed the water rides but I wasn’t brave enough to get wet and then walk all the way back up the hill. It would have felt nice though, have I mentioned it was H O T? White Water was fun too. I even rode a few of those rides but not the fabled Kalani Towers. I have to say though, Britney kept her word to Storm and went down once! Storm had to ride WildFire at SDC in the bargain. I’m not sure who got off easier. They tried to get me on Wildfire but I couldn’t make myself, too many loops and stuff. Maybe when we go back in September~!

Want some bitchiness? I’m giving it away anyway. When you go out of town, you are sort of at the mercy of advertisements when it comes to what restaurants and things to choose. While researching last week for hotels in Branson, MO I didn’t think to look up ratings for dining establishments. It seems like at least once a trip while up there we get burned at a food joint. We’ve about decided that we’ll just make McDonald’s our eating stop of choice. Frankly, if you’re going to pay for crap it might as well be cheap and you know it’s crap before you get screwed! A good bit of places on the strip (Hwy 76) are aging. Instead of face lifts and refurbishing them, it seems they are trying to do small quick fixes. It makes you wonder who runs these places. Atmosphere is important! I don’t want to eat somewhere that looks like 1991 blew up in. Peach, mint green, and country blue are not your friend. We also ended up paying $13 for a buffet that tasted like it’d been sitting there all day after being warmed from the previous night’s left overs. Fantastic. Lesson learned, I’m going to keep a folder in my car of places both good and bad for reference.

We accidentally took a wrong turn and got a totally different route from the GPS unit. Sometimes I think that thing is great but others it just makes you raise an eyebrow. It was great until the smallest Basta boy got car sick from all the hills! Urk, literally. We made it though and things are all right in the world. We came home the proper route with limited trouble. I’m sun burnt, even with sunscreen application twice yesterday. I’ve no idea how that happened. Leason learned, buying regular lotion next time.

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