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I am asking myself this every single day. An all out war on Unions. All the talk of governmental shut downs and the loss of pay to the government employees with the exception of the already wealthy bureaucrats that are not effecting a budget. The Libyan crisis and the lack of congressional approval, how the POTUS is teh bad for not procuring it first, never-mind the past few presidents (token white dudes, btw) used the same actions in other conflicts. Even the beloved Reagan made the very same executive decisions to use force in Libya… So much hypocrisy. The distrust and hate that is being pumped onto the general, miserable, public is disheartening.

We are all miserable at the moment, the economy isn’t on par, the job market is still terrible, people are suffering all over the place. It’s proper breeding grounds for people to prey on their weakened facilities. Plutocracy, it’s the new black. Make people believe it’s actually for their benefit, that it’s a good thing to lose their rights left and right. You’re worried about your second amendment rights when you’d give away your right to collective bargaining all the while calling the people who are fighting that fight greedy? Really? You think that you’re not next? It’s cute how you just roll over and let them beat you down without even realizing it. It’s all good fun when it’s someone else’s money they’re taking away, but when they come for yours, will you be ready?

Won’t even start on reproductive rights and gay marriage/rights. I don’t need the stress. I get so angry when people can’t just let it be. Take control of your own life and let everyone else make their own choices. If you don’t have a uterus to control, that’s just too bad for you. You obviously don’t have to marry another dude (or chick if that’s your gender), so why is it such a problem for someone else to marry another guy? It’s not, it’s just icky to you so therefore shouldn’t be allowed. Well, bigoted pricks are icky to me, but they’re allowed to breathe. Unfortunate, really.

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To the most handsome man I have ever known. There is something to be said for outward beauty but the truth worth of a man is the make up of his character. I could not have picked a better mate.  A solid partner, someone who helped me make beautifully intelligent babies, and who helps me to parent them equally well, not to mention a great lover. How lucky can one girl be?

They say that every girl marries a man like her father. This wasn’t the case for me. Perhaps due to my parents divorce and growing up mostly in my grandparents’ home, I picked a man most like my grandfather. He wasn’t perfect, but he was pretty freakin’ awesome to me. And that’s how Daniel is. He’s not perfect, but he’s pretty damn awesome at being my partner in crime.


Love or something like it


Now, it must be said that I did grow up with my grandparents but my parents weren’t deadbeats by any means. My mother worked nights and my dad didn’t really know what to do with a kid. Or any other person outside of himself, for that matter. I am 100% certain that he was autistic, knowing what I know now. There will never be a concrete diagnosis as he’s gone now, but there is overwhelming evidence in that favor. He was a good dad in all the ways he knew how to be, he just wasn’t my concrete fatherly role model type person. Which is ok, as it turns out!

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