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I enjoy this time of the year most of the time. For whatever reason, this year seems so blah. Halloween has came and went, I barely even decorated. Tomorrow marks the usual Christmas decoration day tradition. I can’t decide if I will get the ump to get the stuff down and put the effort in it. Sophie really wants to decorate this year and I can’t let my awful mood affect her joy. The boys don’t really don’t care much but maybe the baby will get into it. We can hope the cat stays out of the tree, right?

I am thankful. I couldn’t even pretend that my life hasn’t been blessed. I have enough food to feed my family, a roof over our head, a husband who  loves to work if for no other reason than to provide for us, and extended family that we love dearly. Our children are healthy and mostly happy, they are bright and inquisitive. No, I can’t complain a bit. Perhaps the blues have a firm hold of my head but my soul knows that it is fed.

I’m putting some of my recipes together tonight, I’ll get up and make mashed potatoes in the morning. My granny is sick and I wouldn’t put the burden of our loud, large family on her even if she was cooking tomorrow. Later I’ll take her a plate and visit for a minute before we come home, presumably to decorate. She is 83 years old and I am so thankful to still have her. She is having fits worrying about not being able to gather us together, but she feels better since we’re going to his mom and dad’s.

Maybe we’ll watch the parade in the morning, I bet the girls will get a kick out of that. The boys have moved into the grandparents for the week, they are thankful for that.

My hope for tomorrow is that everyone will be able to find a warm meal to put in their belly. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.

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Fear Factor?

Is this the root of all the venom spewed lately? Today, as I was driving to pick up my kids, I had a thought. While the economic crisis that I see looming does bother me and scare me, I’m most concerned about the blatant hate rushing around. It occurred to me that as base as it is, fear is the real issue at hand. We tend to fear what we don’t understand. Just as I fear what is going to happen if this crazy economic nightmare is allowed to continue, the people behind the tea party fear people who are different from themselves. They fear the brown man. They fear the gay man/woman. They fear what they don’t understand. Under the guise of taxation reform, we have seen more blatant racism from this party than I care to chronicle  here. One small example was the ad that ran in Nevada encouraging Latino voters to just stay home, don’t vote, knowing they would not vote for Angle. We are slapped in the face daily with news of some other homophobia story, some kid committing suicide because no one cared to teach their children it’s not ok to bully those different than they are.

We could come up with theories all day long, find articles to support them, but the fact is that fear will push people. For example: Joe Blow says, “They’re just lazy Niggers.” in conversation. He explains that he doesn’t think all black folks are lazy, that people of all colors can be niggers. The fact of the matter is that it isn’t the truth. It’s a word we should lay to rest and move on from. What Joe fears, we’ll never know, but most likely it’s a man who is a bigger person than he is. Mov

ing on to the one that irritates me more than I can articulate. Faggot. Joe Blow says, “I hate faggots. If my son were gay, I’d never speak to him again.” He will not budge on his stance. What it says below the surface, “I don’t understand homosexuals. They don’t think the same way I do. They don’t like women and what if they are checking me out?” It’s an irrational fear. This would be the same man who will without fail make some lewd comment about the woman who just walked by with a beautiful body. What we have here is a double standard. Who cares if some random dude is looking at your ass, homie? You are subjecting women to the same base thoughts, but it’s ok because you’re white bread America, right? Then, I suspect we have some men who are threatened because they question their own base desires, the most intimate thoughts. Perhaps they can’t abide their own ‘impurities’. At the end, it is just fear. This same idea could be modified to fit a woman who is vocal and nasty in terms of gays. Fear guides us, it pushes us to extremes at times. In the end, we’re no better for it.

I am trying to understand what I’m reading lately about this vast chasm that is our economy. The path that it is going down and why people are so angry. I know why they are angry. They don’t have jobs, they are literally starving. Selling off the things they’ve worked entirely too hard to afford just to get by. In turn, they’re coming out in droves to blindly follow an agenda. Some think tank somewhere came up with a brilliant plan to plump their party up. Get people fired up about taxes and spending and bury the real issue. It’s not that we don’t need less taxes on the middle/lower class, it’s that the upper class needs to shoulder more responsibility. The tax cuts for the wealthiest of our country isn’t garnering jobs, no, in truth it’s just padding bank accounts. They are tucking their cash away for rainy days. We all have hopes of becoming that wealthy so supporting tax cuts seems like a good idea, but the fact of the matter is that the majority of us will never become independently wealthy in that way. No, we’ll be the ones who will be scraping ourselves up off the carpet and trying like hell to put scraps on the table to feed our children when the system comes crashing down. You’d think we’d get the idea after what a dismal 2008 we had. Banks and corporations are out of control. Yes of course they would have us believe that tax cuts and incentives are what we need to push the economy. It favors their business. It lines their pockets and it will eventually drain ours.  This is my fear factor and until things start to look up I will own it. Wall Street might be bouncing back happily but my IRA isn’t finding that same tempo. This tells me the rich are getting richer while those of us down here in the grind aren’t as lucky.

Call me a hippy, a socialist liberal, pinko commie bastard, if it makes you feel better. At the end of the day, I have a conscience. I read about how I blindly follow what I read/am told, but when there are facts there that allows me to believe it. Not like the insane The Onion worthy ‘news’ I see being talked about among my friends and family. Another fear factor, where has our good sense gone?

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So today there are plenty of friends, relatives, aquaintences, etc… who are laughing about our sore loser woes and reminding us to just ignore their gloating over that fantastic victory last night. Again we play, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Lucky for them, the frustrated seem to have a short attention span and over sight. These masses seem to forget that nothing happens over night and now they will really have to wait for some relief from this economic nightmare. They have surely forgotten what put us here in the first place. Where the huge deficit came from, originating around a war that didn’t need to be fought. All the problems that we face as a nation didn’t happen over the past two years, it started long before that with a Republican ran government pushing it right along.

Let’s talk a moment about taxation, shall we? Smaller government, no taxes, we want to control our money! Yay, now go on down to the police department and thank an officer for working out of hte kindness of his heart. Oh wait, yeah, taxes pay for that guy to protect your stinkin’ butt. While you’re there, go next door to the fire house and give a high five to the men and women who would suffer a trial by fire for you if you needed them to, they don’t really need that living wage. You’ll be happy to pay for that out of your pocket, right? The old people are going to die soon anyway, might as well let them do it on the streets. Taxes aren’t fun, it seem like a burden that isn’t fair sometimes. Chances are, as a middle class person, you’re paying too much while some rich dude sits back and counts his money. So let’s cut taxes, nevermind we’re cutting the taxes of the wealthy while the rest of us drown. Of course there is wasted money in government spending but that’s why it’s called taxation with representation and if you’re not happy about where that money is going, call your representatives, write them letters, be vocal about it. Giving people the right to health care isn’t a whack cause. Like the right to bear arms, it should be inalienable.

I am confident that you will find that these shiney new congress people will not bring your values home. It will be business as usual in Washington DC. With the exception of a lot of stand stills, head butting, and in fighting. Which does nothing but create a rather large mess. There will be no fixing the economy, you’re still stuck out here in limbo land while the middle class gets smaller, divided by a greater margin to the upper classes. Soon we’ll all be down here in the lower class where the wealthy like us, I won’t remind you that this was what you wanted and tell you to stfu. Even though it’ll be difficult.

The parts about this shift in government that concerns me most isn’t about taxes or the economy, while they are very important parts. No, I’m most concerned that bigotry that was overlooked and sometimes encouraged during this nasty, awful campaign will be allowed to run rampant. I hate it that individuals find it ok to be outright nasty. Again, I come back to the owning up to your ideals. If you hate a man because of the color of his skin, don’t hide behind some other guise. It’s transparent and people can see that. It makes you unappealing, even when you think it makes you so superior. If you’re afraid of a gay man, admit it, stop throwing him under the bus in the name of whatever religion you find works at the moment. It takes a real man/woman to stand up and not be afraid of what they don’t understand and accept those around them for people, not their sexual orientation. Trust me, they aren’t checking you out. Yes, these are the things that bother me the most. The POTUS is a Muslim, get him! Where is my Pitchfork o’ Doom? Oh, they are looming in Congress just waiting for their chance to impeach a president who has accomplished much in the two years he’s been in office. Whatever, friends, it’s a failed attempt and just another occasion that will put our government on hold and into a holding pattern that will bankrupt that beloved middle-classian waiting in the unemployment line. Maybe if we send all the illegals back to Mexico, he can find work picking fruit or mowing lawns for below minimum wage. Not that he’d accept it for less than $12 an hour with benefits, which our wealthy friends (who do you think capitalizes on this cheap labor most?) sitting back counting their blessings aka cash will scoff at. Careful what you wish for, you never know when you’re going to get it and  what might be lying underneath that great little gift you think you’re getting.

While I’m on a political rant, let me get this thought out. I’ve read much groaning about the separation of church and state lately. Heard a good amount about it on the radio during nasty politcal ads, too. People, when will you wake up and see that its not protecting the other religions while taking away from your own? It comes down to a moment of, “Are you that dull?” Do you not see that it protects your own religion and beliefs with as much gusto and verve as any other? All Christians should know that all churches are not the same animal and that men are corrupt. You allow the church to take over sections of government, you end up with something you don’t want. I remember as a kid, the warning that soon they’d take our bibles away and we’d have to hide our religion. Oh friends, as a child that did scare me, I didn’t understand what people were talking about. Now, I get it. I’m sure it was some conspiracy theory about Communism, which was a real fear at the time, I suppose. All of the people I have heard groan about the president turning the US into a muslim state is just… ridiculous. These same people would hand the government control of their religious freedom given half the chance not understanding that they would be at fault. It is astonishing to me. Logical thought tells me that the separation is a good thing for everyone, not just the ‘other’ religions. You know, the wrong ones? Yeah, whatever.

I’ll be wearing my Apathy tshirt today. Apathy Coalition. Join us, or don’t. Whatever.

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