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for the color of his skin, own it.
If you hate a man for his ambition and drive, own it.
If you hate a man for his disability, own it.
If you hate a man for the form (or lack there of) of religion, own it.
If you hate a man for the path he walks, own it.
If you hate a man for the love he chooses, own it.
If you own it, prepare for the backlash. It isn’t funny, cute, or right.
The food he eats, the water he drinks, the blood that flows through him, all are the same when compared to your own.

If you can learn to drive this hate from your person, don’t abide it. Let it go and enjoy the day, own it.
We all love, we all have the ability to understand and nurture education, we all have the ability to be humble, and we all need.
Blind fear pushes rationality out.

If after all of this you can’t own it, change it.


I am so appalled by what I read lately. It seems that everyone that is around me has so much hate in their souls. I am forced to wonder how they can function every day with such a sad mindset. I’m sick to death of the hoopla around the Islam Cultural Center to be built in NYC. I’m sick to death of the people who believe the POTUS is a.) Not American and b.) Muslim. I’m certainly done with all of the political ridiculousness that Faux News is spewing to people who seem too gullible to read a book or research anything for themselves. Sad state of affairs, if you ask me.

I know what it’s like to dislike the current administration. I also remember the big “Don’t disrespect the president!” when anyone expressed their dissent. What the Hypocrite? I’m so glad that I was born so free thinking and able to discern right from wrong. The tired, “We’re not racists, it’s true!” argument is a FAIL. You can’t stand behind an argument that is blatantly racist and say, “But I’m not racist. I just don’t think he’s a real American. He’s a Muslim, he’s going to make that our national religion!Eleventy11!” Sorry but yeah, racist and assumptive.

On the subject of religion: How could any God fearing individual want to bring in religious sanctions and restrictions on any religion in a country where religious freedom is so celebrated? Do you not realize that one day your own religion might be the one that is sanctioned? I’ve been in enough churches in my life to know that the Baptists and the AOG don’t agree on plenty, don’t think your brother in Christ won’t turn on your ass in a heart beat when it comes time to fight out who is ‘right’. Then you lose and you have no one but yourselves to blame. Ohh, or maybe those amoral Catholics will come around and boot both of ya out of the equation, not so funny now…

I find it amusing that no one takes a moment to look at history. The blood bath of religion as a whole, not just Islam (which we all assume is just a bloody, violent religion), is wide. Christianity doesn’t have a very clean slate. The slaughter of innocents isn’t reserved for those evil Muslims. Since we’ve evolved (seemingly; lately it’s questionable) to a more gentle people in the past few decades, it’s apparent we need a refresher course. The crusades, all of them, were nothing short of a holy war on people who were at home, in their home land, minding their own. Sound familiar? It should friends. The condemnation of Pagans, real and made up, a bloody way to get rid of those deemed ‘different’ or ‘weird’ by someone thumping a bible. OK? Not in the slightest. The justification of slavery and the subsequent racism and lack of respect for men/women of color, all justified in the name of religion. Lately the hate is pointed to the homosexuals among us, all justified hate on the basis of religion. People, get a freakin’ grip. Like I said above, if you hate someone because they’re not like you, OWN IT. Don’t lay your religion down as a way to justify your nasty ideas. Jesus was a cool ass dude, and I doubt he’d enjoy how you use his name to hate. After all, he hung out with the lowest common denominator, or so we’re taught in Sunday School. Lepers and whores, oh my! </end church lady> It’s all infuriating and sickening to someone who has the ability to see the value of life, not just before birth but throughout the years. If you need someone to hate there are plenty of nasty, evil men walking among you who are nothing but white bred good ol’ boys. Givin’ your babies their first taste of meth, ripping the innocence away from some child, murdering someone’s baby (1-100, that human is SOMEONE’s baby), etc…

Ugh, I gotta go get all this negativity off me, it burns.

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