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I’m so sad, I hate the beginning of the school year. The adjustment to having the kids here at home and then not is hard on me. I miss them and the lazy summer days we spend together.

It’s a big transition this year. One starting 7th grade which in our little district is technically high school. One going into Kindergarten, a big transformation for her. A third grader thrown in for good measure and I have a full schedule. I am concerned about the big boy blending in with high school life and being able to hold on to the small grip of academics he had going on the end of year last year. Being socially awkward is incredibly hard, add in the other issues and my brilliant boy is hard pressed to withstand the pressure. I think he will do ok, it seems that he is ready, excited even, to go back. My big girl is also ready to start this new chapter in her life. She’s asked every day for the last three weeks if school is starting tomorrow! I imagine after the first few days she’ll be done with all that nonsense and want to stay home. None of that this time, no dropping out like we did with preschool.

The nursey girl is going to be none too happy. I imagine that I’ll be insane by Friday. No one to keep her busy? What? Crazy talk people, crazy talk.

My schedule is also lamenting the return of school. I do not want to get up at 5:30 am. That’s generally a time I don’t care to see ever. I like to sleep until at least 10am, thanksverymuch. I don’t have time for this, when will I facebook and tweet? When will I ever have time to like, do some nothing? Argh.

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