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I will take a picture before I pick it, I’m so excited. We’ve been eating the little yellow grape tomatoes for a week or two now but this will be our first ripe red tomato. The heirlooms aren’t looking so great, they’re pretty little tomatoes but the plant looks awful. Not growing as large as they should either.

I’m going to make a pasta salad for Saturday with some of the fresh basil, I can’t wait. Got the recipe from Pioneerwoman, looks delish. All her recipes I’ve tried have turned out to be good. The errors were all due to the cook, I’m sure. (The turnip gratin was very tasty but a bit… runny or something. In my defense, I’ve never made a gratin from scratch.)

My aunt has some things for me to pick up so I may take the D60 and see if I can get some sweet pics of her girls. Gabby and Stormie are her furbabies. The cuteness is killer. Maybe I’ll be able to get them in my uncles garden, that’d be sweet. I’m so silly, I bought them winter coats and I can’t wait to see them on. /me is a dork.

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