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Sometimes they sneak up on you out of no where to make you smile or cringe. Sometimes both, I suppose.

A couple of years ago, I went to a bar with a friend who needed a girls night out. Both of us are married but both of our husbands were at home at the time. An older gentleman came up to our table and started to converse with us. I could not control my laughter. I laughed so hard that I could not breathe for at least ten minutes. Thank goodness the man was so drunk, he just looked at me like I was mentally unstable and went on to the next prospective. Poor guy, times must have been hard for him to be hitting on two fat chicks sitting in a corner booth making fun of everyone. Every single time I thought I could get it under control I’d start to laugh again. I know it was incredibly rude, but tears were streaming down my face. If I wouldn’t have been sitting so far away from her, my friend would have kicked me.

I hate going to bars, the old men always hit on me. Or they did, who knows how it’d go now. I might be too ugly for even them. Thank goodness for the hotness I have at home. Not that I go out like that often, I was probably pregnant with Eva the last time. I just didn’t realize it. You know, back when Sophie’d stay somewhere else once and a while.

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I will take a picture before I pick it, I’m so excited. We’ve been eating the little yellow grape tomatoes for a week or two now but this will be our first ripe red tomato. The heirlooms aren’t looking so great, they’re pretty little tomatoes but the plant looks awful. Not growing as large as they should either.

I’m going to make a pasta salad for Saturday with some of the fresh basil, I can’t wait. Got the recipe from Pioneerwoman, looks delish. All her recipes I’ve tried have turned out to be good. The errors were all due to the cook, I’m sure. (The turnip gratin was very tasty but a bit… runny or something. In my defense, I’ve never made a gratin from scratch.)

My aunt has some things for me to pick up so I may take the D60 and see if I can get some sweet pics of her girls. Gabby and Stormie are her furbabies. The cuteness is killer. Maybe I’ll be able to get them in my uncles garden, that’d be sweet. I’m so silly, I bought them winter coats and I can’t wait to see them on. /me is a dork.

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This weekend will be full of hot, sprakly fun. The kids are dying to do fireworks, especially the five year old girl. She’s asked everyday since seeing the tents go up if it’s time yet. I don’t want to buy fireworks, does that make me bad?

Speaking of tents, what is up this year? Our town isn’t large by any means but I kid you not, there are 4 large tents within 400 yards of each other on one main road and 2 within a half of a mile on the other main road in. I’ve spent a lot of time going O_o?. Funniest thing? Our town doesn’t allow fireworks inside city limits. How bizarre.

Having a birthday party here for my best friend’s son and mom. Her mom will be fifty this year, she wanted to do something really special but no one would get behind it. I just hope she has a good day, the cake she has planned to make will be cute at the least. Her son is turning 8, any birthday when you’re that age is good. Suppose to clean house Friday, I’m already trying to make plans to be out of the house, heh. Isn’t that terrible of me?

All in all, I’m sure it’ll be a fine day. My grandma kind of seemed disappointed when I said we had stuff going on. I don’t know what she had planned, she wouldn’t say. I feel bad about that. Maybe when we go over there tomorrow she’ll say what she had in mind.

Happy Fourth of July. In light of worldly turmoil, we have a lot to celebrate. The freedom to enjoy the life we have made for ourselves, however great or sad it may be.

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