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Vandalism blows…

Hey, punkass kids, thanks a lot for that nice brick to the sliding back glass. That really made my night last night. Just sitting here trying to listen to the weather dude, minding my own. Huge boom, thought it was a gun shot. Not a bullet, just a brick. Thank goodness we have a storm type door with double panes. What a mess otherwise?
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The police officer told us that it is possibly the same kids who are running around breaking into unlocked cars in the neighborhood. A couple of weekends ago, we came home to beer bottles smashed in the drive way, the back yard, and then some just lying around the yard. Then, someone keyed James’ truck.  Now this, and I’m wondering just when it’ll end. The officer was quite nice and everything but I still feel a little helpless. It seems that our neighbor got a window busted out last night as well. She’s an older lady, not yet retired, very nice woman she keeps to herself. She has a boyfriend, I just hope he was there last night, what a fright otherwise.

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I just don’t understand the drive to destroy someone else’s property for kicks. Honestly, come on, it can’t be that much of a thrill. It makes me feel a little unsafe, for whatever reason. Even if it’s just some punk kids being ridiculous, you just don’t know what they might escalate to. So dumb.
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This is where the brick hit the window. We do have a flood light out there which is motion sensitive, right beside that door. Perhaps that’s where the aim was directed, but someone has crappy aim. How they could see anything at all is the question of the day. The dog was in the house, so no motion to detect. Our yard was undisturbed, the dew had already fallen. It had to have came from the back yard of one of our neighbors. The kid next door heard it and came outside to see what was going on. It seems impossible it could have came from the other yard behind him but that’s the only thing we can think of. Then I had to worry about the teenager next door since he was staying alone for the night, which he’s completely old enough to do but he’s still just a kid! The officer took part of the brick (which shattered on impact) to see if he could match it with any bricks lying around in neighboring yards. I should mention we have privacy fencing all around the back yard with a chain link fence separating the pool, basically it splits our back yard in half. All the fences were locked up though so even if the dew mysteriously fell between the time I called 911 and the officer arrived (a total of no more than five minutes!), I just don’t see how they could have gotten back there without the dog hearing it in the bedroom. She never made a sound, which isn’t like her at all.

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This is an interesting article regarding the current situation in Somalia. Perhaps it’s time to take a look at this from the other side of the coin.

I remember when Black Hawk Down first came out. I was moved and heartbroken, both for the soldiers and the boys that were playing mens’ games. When I look at the mass majority of the troops going into the middle east all I can see are babies, just barely out of school teenagers. Then you have Somalia where the way of  life demands much heavier responsibilities of children who really are just babes. Boys that are younger than my oldest son who is far too young to hold a gun, let alone an automatic weapon. Such tragedy, a double sided coin.

Like the author eludes to, there are just gangsters and thugs in this out for only monetary gains for profit but there are also good men who believe they are doing the right thing to protect what is theirs. I don’t see much difference in the past eight years of our government…

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The boxes are built, they’re waiting for some stable temps to get the stuff in the ground! I’m excited to get started, why can’t mother nature get on board with me. I think we may set out a few things tomorrow if it warms up a bit. I’m looking into a pop up seed starter greenhouse thing for next year if we decide to keep up with this gardening thing. Our seedlings are looking pretty good but it’s just not warm enough in the laundry room I think. They could use some warmth and I’m not sure how to provide it. The columbines look gorgeous already compared to everything else. Pretty typical, I’ve got all those veggies and herbs started and the flowers are the only things that are growing well. Ha.

J is suppose to bring home the slats for the frames today, he’s been saying he would for two weeks now, we’ll see. I am ready to get them looking like they’re suppose to! I think the lettuce could go out now too. My fil says that by the 15th it’s pretty much safe to put stuff out. He should know, he’s been doing this long enough. He always starts his tomatoes early but he didn’t this year, not after losing two crops in the past two years. But having a few survive is nice, eating tomatoes in June is awesome. I think he only put out six plants or so this year. Next weekend should be planting day. The corn went in on Saturday, C got to plant his row but S won’t get hers in until next Saturday if it’s not raining. She had a easter egg hunt to go to so she missed it. She’s so excited about planting. She wants carrots this year but I’m not sure where I could plant them down here and my fil says no way is he going to try it over there. Gophers are apparently a problem for him. I don’t think they’d be bad here, but I can’t say for sure. We don’t eat too many carrots, but I might be able to find more recipes to include them in if they came from our own labor! I can’t wait to see if the flowers come up in the flower beds. I’m not sure if they will but one can hope.

Easter was nice. We had dinner with Granny and the family. My aunt got two new puppies so afterwards we went to meet them. I see lots of visits in my future. She got a pekingese and a yorkie. The little pek is black with sable/white feet. I meant to get pictures but I forgot my camera at Granny’s, must remember to pick it up tomorrow! Anyway, her face is so sweet and she reminds me of the dog they had when I was a kid. It makes my heart ache to look at her, I loved that dog so much. The yorkie is tiny and delish, a sweet little thing. She kept licking my nostrils, nothing like it. They decided to name her Stormy because she’s afraid of thunder. Apparently she kept them up all night Saturday when the weather came through. The pek is named Gabby. She looks like a black, fat loaf of bread and I want her with a million wants. She’s so warm and fuzzy. The little yorkie is a delicate little thing and I just don’t know if I could manage one with all these kids. S wants to hold her all the time and I just don’t think a fragile little girl could make it in this house. C wanted to hold her too and he has good intentions and he’d never hurt her intentionally but he’s impulsive. S tends to want to take anything he has and you can see where this is going…

I feel bad for him, he’s got middle child syndrome poor dude. He’s been spending more time at the inlaws since he’s going to school over there while Hunter goes to school in this district. Next school year everyone will be going in the same district so less overnights for him. I think he’ll be unhappy about that. H won’t be happy either, I think the only reason he wants to go back down there is the mid week visits with Granny and Grandpa, ha!

Only six weeks or so left of the school year, I’m so excited about this! I want my boys home with me during day. That’s so bad but I miss them. S starts K in the fall, this excites me even more. She needs that to occupy her. She did well in preschool but doesn’t want to stay in because she would miss out on putting her head up my butt. Typical, but I did let her stay out. I’m afraid I’ll regret it later if I don’t spend this last bit of time with her. I miss my little angel though, she’s been a handful since the baby was born. Oddly, she’s not jealous of her, she’s jealous of the time E gets with me. She knows she has to go to K, no choice to drop out. That was the understanding when we let her drop out of preschool. In a way it was a selfish decision, we didn’t really have that extra money to take out of the budget every month. I’m really particular about who I leave the kids with and that comes with a price I guess. There were other options for less money, but what is $20 when it comes to peace of mind.

How did a post about gardening end up about my kids and school? I have no idea, oh wait, yeah I do. I have the attention span of a flea, I forgot. Oh, that reminds me. We got the report back from the complete work up of testing on H (finally got complete testing, but that’s a rant for another day) and everything looks good. I knew that they were going to dx him with high functioning autism that is consistent with Aspergers’ Syndrome but the report gives all the findings in a much easier to read/understand/remember format. It will help when it comes time for his 504 meeting which should be soon. Hey wait, I thought this post was done, wth? Now I really am going to go do something interesting. Actually, I’m probably actually going to roll around on the floor with the girls but interest is subjective, right?

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