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Cute babies

Holy crap but how does this little critter make me so insane with her cuteness. I just want to squish her all the time.

It’s Spring Break and I’m loving it.  No kids to pick up, no kids to drop off, no early mornings. The kids are enjoying it too. They love to sleep in, do whatever they like, and just generally get up to some nothing. Chips off the old block, they are. I dread the end of the week. I live for summer vacation.

Got garden plans underway. This weekend is going to be cold and icky, but we plan on putting them in order. At least going to get the buckets for tomatoes in the ground. Seen a neat idea on a blog today, gonna show J and see if he likes it. I bet he will. I want to plant some ‘exotic’ veggies, you know, like spinach and lettuce. Let me explain, my family really isn’t all that diverse in it’s garden exploits. Tomatoes, squash, okra, corn, peppers, potatoes, onions, cucumbers, peas, that’s about it. I want to branch out from what we ‘know’ and plant some interesting things. Butter lettuce sounds fabulous. We’ve already got the compost pile started, next year we’ll be in the business for sure! Now, to find good dirt and poop…


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Yeah, probably not likely. I’d love to have a spotless house. The only problem with this is that I’m really just not cut out for the cleanfreak that I aspire to. I’m lazy and selfish most of the time. There are about a dozen kids that need to be beat daily, plus the dog who really is annoying with her hair and it’s trying to stage a mutiny and leave her body. Stupid hair.

I want to try a couple of things and see if I can’t make it work for us. The only problem is that I’m a true procrastinator. I don’t like to do anything that has a lot of effort. I do really well for a couple of weeks and then I have a swing. That’s the thing about being mildly bipolar. Up down up down down up down down down. Fun times, my husband should enjoy some sainthood.

I got a bible today. Someone gave it to me, my bff actually. I’m sorry that I don’t fit into her belief system. I know it’s hard for her to reconcile. Fact is, I own a bible already. I choose not to use it because it’s not what I have faith in. I can’t decide if I should be angry or just politely give it back and tell her to share it with someone who can use it. Everyone knows I’ll just give it back, hopefully she’ll understand.

I am off to save the world from dirty kids two at a time! Who says I’m not a superhero?

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