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Anyone remember what they’re for?

I live in rural Arkansas, it’s safe to say that most aren’t involved with traffic lights. Why would anyone just blow through one when people are waiting to cross? Especially such a large one.

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8 months today

The baby had a little birthday today. She’s eight months old and firmly planted into my soul. She’s laying here now across my lap playing with her dinner. Her hair is turning into toddler hair and that makes me a little verklempt. She says Mom Mom when she’s mad, like she knows I’ll do something about it. Yesterday, she was sitting in the floor and she just out of the blue yelled, “MUM!”, I suspect she wanted picked up. She’s crawling in a sort of zombieish sort of way, dragging herself around the room. Doesn’t keep her from going where she wants and sometimes with a quickness. Tomorrow she’ll be walking, the next week talking, before I know what hit me it’ll be off college.

When I was a kid, my sweet granny would tell me that after your childhood was over, the years just flew by. I didn’t see how that was possible. It seemed like all the time I spent in school would drag on, the years never passed by fast enough. I see what she meant now that I have kids of my own who are growing and accomplishing milestones. The sweeter moments make the harder ones possible. I look back and wonder just how this handsome eleven year old showed up where my beautiful little blonde boy was just standing. Already he is half way through school, why did my first seven years take forever?

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Freakin’ germs…

Ok, enough is enough already. I’m totally done with all this. The boys got sick. The girls got sick. The younger boy got sick again, the girls followed. The younger boy got a bit better then got really sick. The baby followed. I’m so done with this super snot of doom, thank you very much. It laughs at tissues, it makes fun of snot suckers, it kicks puppies. I’m not even playing. The boy had to have a shot in the butt, that was harsh. He felt so bad, he was so miserable he wouldn’t even sit up. His daddy had to carry him into the ER (doctor told us to take him since he was so lethargic). He is better now, after some strong abx.

The baby is doing so so. She was feeling great Friday when we had to take him to the ER. Yesterday she started cough again and the snot of doom came back. She’s been cranky but decent today. Last night sucked. She couldn’t breathe through her nose, so nursing was very hard and she kept waking up. She has an antibiotic, it’s giving her diarreah, I’m terrified of a yeast infection. Gave her some yogurt for the first time, she doesn’t love it. At least her hiney isn’t as raw as it was a couple of days ago. It seems like my girl, true to form for my kids, has a weird ‘allergy’. Desitin and Butt Paste both make her scream like I’ve just sat her in fire ants. Good ol’ A&D for her, at least it smells decent.

If I thought that flooding the house with lysol would make all this crap go down the road, I’d totally do it!

Next week is Valentine’s day. I am completely not interested this year, which is strange. I couldn’t even pick out a card for the hubs. Normally I’m a complete sap. My anniversary is a month away, I hope something gives. I’d like to be a bit more into the whole thing. We’ve decided to stay in and have a nice dinner at home this year. Probably steaks and crab legs with a baked potato, salad, and some appetizer. Gotta go to the fishmonger later in the week, also the butcher shop. I should probably also clean the house up a bit, I doubt it happens. I’m more of a supervisor than a maid. Sucks to be my kid!

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