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I’m so dreading this year’s taxes. I am so disorganized, it doesn’t go well with owning a business, or at least helping with owning a business. Next year I will have my head on straight. This year, however, is going to be a nightmare. (Watch this space, next year it will certainly be just the same, I always say that!)

I misplaced at least half a year’s worth of receipts, probably over $2000 in deductions, it probably was deposited into the trash on accident. As far as I can tell, they are long gone. It makes me want to cry, time has passed for that however. So, I have to really scrounge for every little work related receipt and such I can find all over this crazy house to make up for it. Normally I wouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Great.

I am always a little bit insane after having a baby, generally I’d say that I’m worthless for 2 years or so. The first year lends to being unable to do much at all beyond caring for the baby and making sure the kids are where they need to be. I cringe at the idea of having to handle any personal business, I’ve been putting off a major bit of said business seven months now. At current, I’m trying to talk the hubs into doing it, we’ll see.

Another month or so until all the tax documents are in, I just may have an ulcer by then. I’m looking forward to it, and dreading it at the same time. Normally I don’t panic too much, but this year has just been incredibly crazy. Exceptionally so.

I should be heavily medicated, sedated even. Yeah, that’d be good.
ETA: I totally found the bag with those reciepts in it this afternoon. ON ACCIDENT! I’m so relieved. Sweetness. I almost cried, seriously.

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I have a sick kid and a teething baby, that’s my excuse. It’s a lame one. People do that whole clean freak thing with much less free time on hand than I have. Wth? I think I just did not get that particular upgrade hardwired into my genetics, how unfair. I demand some upgrading under warranty, dang it!

I’m sitting here on my butt right now when there are things that could be washed, guess who isn’t washing them? In my defense, I am eating my ‘breakfast’ and soon after I will have to nurse the baby. She’s just as clingy as she was when she was new all of a sudden and she’s a mama’s girl. She thinks no one else can hold her for more than three minutes, frustrating. She’s such a little peanut, it’s hard to stay frustrated though. Hey, look who demanded she join us!

This past month has been a strange one. Seems like a lot of death to blog about. My mom was married for just over fourteen years to a man that had three sons. Two were almost grown when they were married but the youngest was my age. My mother raised him from the time he was about seven, his mother passed away sadly. The middle son lived with us from time to time. He was in trouble a lot, even in high school. He didn’t have better luck in the real world. Jail/prison turned out to be his housing accommodations more than any home he’d ever had. I always felt bad for him, he could be such a sweet man when he was clean. Drugs did terrible things to his mind and made him tragically crazy. My mom passed away almost nine years ago, a year before that our parents divorced suddenly when the step-father had a late midlife crisis. I haven’t seen much of my ‘brothers’ since then really. I think they were angry that they didn’t get much from my mom’s estate but frankly, there wasn’t much to get after all the debts were taken care of. People don’t believe you when you say that. Long story even longer, my ex-stepbrother was killed a little over a week ago. The stories that we’ve gotten are pretty much all along the same vein, a possible drug deal gone awry. A mother protecting her teen, their state has a make my day law, so no charges were filed since he was in their home at the time. He was 37 years old. I’ve been using the word bizarre all week, I don’t know what else to say really. There was nothing in the news about it, but his obit was in the local paper. With everything else, just an odd month.

Like everyone else, I seem to be trying to wait out this shitty economy. I do a lot of that, waiting out whatever thing is, I’m like that. Very wait it out and see what happens. How zen, or something. My anxiety is sad right now, I assume that’s pretty much a norm with most people however.

The baby will be seven months old Sunday, she weighed 12lbs and 9ozs yesterday. Still a tiny thing but she’s growing at an average rate, just below the average infant girl by five lbs or so. She’s only 24 inches so she’s proportionate. And cute, she’s certainly cute. She’s starting to want to explore via that obnoxious baby behavior of touching everything with undeterred drive. She can’t let up until she’s cleaned off the table next to my chair. She’s sweetness and light, I tell ya. I do not enjoy toddlerhood and it’s approaching at breakneck speed. Yay.

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