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Good intentions aside, I’ve had a baby attached to my boob for weeks now. Typing isn’t allowed apparently, what a little tyrant.

Evi is a doll. She’s cute and happy as long as there is boob involved. She does have a temper though, when things aren’t going her way. She started smiling at me occasionally right at five weeks. That makes her seem a little less irritated at life. She is her father’s spitting image, I swear she came from his vagina.

Breastfeeding is a game I have not cared to participate in for the most part with the other kids. With age comes patience or something. I would have given up more than once if it wasn’t for someone encouraging me at the hospital and then my online friends once I was home. I’m settling in but still a little worried about it. I wouldn’t be so concerned if it wasn’t for the RNY. I fear my milk isn’t rich enough. She’s gaining, but slowly. She started out tiny anyway. 5lbs, 7ozs. Last Tuesday she was 6lbs, 8ozs. She will be seven weeks on Wednesday.

Oh and yeah, I just thought I was going to plan her birth. What is it with my girls and refusing to come on their appointed dates and times? Yeah, so, the night before she was scheduled to be born, my water breaks at 1am. No, she couldn’t have waited until 9 the next morning, noooo.  So she was born sometime after 4am, I’m sure it’s written down somewhere but I have forgotten already. I tried to forget everything up until I was wheeled into the OR. I swear I almost beat a few nurses, I was stuck no less than six times with a ridiculous gauge needle until someone FINALLY called the nurse anesti. who numbed me before she stuck me. Now, tht nurse I wanted to make out with. She also administered my easiest spinal by far! She had the most amazing eyes, that’s all I remember about her because of her mask. My doctor didn’t make it to the delivery, yet again, ha. One of his associates delivered her, she was so tiny and cute, almost like a little doll herself. I’m sure she is well into her late thirties or maybe even fourties because i know she’s been partners in that practice for years but she still looks barely 21. She did a great job but I hate the new dressings they’re using. I didn’t have to worry about that until it was time for it to come off. Again with the beating of nurses. What is it with me? Why do I always get the shitty nurses for the painful stuff?? No, i couldn’t have had the sweet little nurse that took care of me my last night, nooo, I had to get the one who put off giving me pain meds for 8 hours because, well I’m not sure why she did that. I had told almost every one in the hospital that I could not take pills but she flipped when I told her that after she popped one in my hand. I’m sorry but it was huge. After I told her I could not take any form of NSAID, she flounced out in a huff. Not my problem if you can’t read. I’m just sayin’.

All in all it was a good experience for what it’s worth. By far my easiest recovery, possibly because of the lack of all that extra weigh. Ha, who am I kidding, most likely because of that.

We are still in preemie clothes for the most part here, but we’re moving into the newborn stuff. Talk about a panic, i packed ONE preemie outfit on a whim. It was the only thing that fit her. I had to send my husband out to shop for some preemie stuff and it was no easy task for some reason. Luckily a good friend packed up a huge box of preemie girl things to save me!

Which brings me to another thing, I have such great friends online. I hate it when people tell me that they’re not ‘real’. Whatever, they’re real enough to send my baby girl wonderful gifts and love from all over the country. One even arranged for me to get stuff from Denmark, hi! I feel so blessed for each and every one of them.

So yes, I have finally taken a moment to put things down. It has taken me forever to get any sort of routine down and honestly, i still have a dirty house and a messy schedule. School starts in two weeks and I dread it SO much. I will miss my boys, but I’m looking forward to the lack of fouriness in my life for a few hours a day.  Talk about dreadful behavior! Mrs. Wanda will line her out. I love her. So many changes, so little time. We didn’t even vacation this year at all. It’s been too damn hot, wtf with this stupid ridiculous heat. I can’t remember the last time the actual temp was 108, but it was yesterday. The heat index? I don’t know, but I hear it was insane. I’m just glad it was a Sunday so no heat strokey husband to deal with.

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